The Hungry Isle, the fourth and last book in the Star of Deltora series is out at last! Probably because I’ve had such a hectic year, it seems ages since The Towers of Illica was published in April, and eons since the first two books came out in 2015. When I started the series I was going to make it three books, but then I realised that to tell the story I’d mapped out I was going to need more.

“Quadrilogy” doesn’t sound as neat and normal as “trilogy”, but that’s how it goes.

Anyway, I had great news while I was waiting for The Hungry Isle to come out. Book 1, Shadows of the Master, was given an Honour Book award in the CBCA Book of the Year Awards in August, and it’s also been shortlisted for the YABBA and KOALA Kids’ Choice Awards (YABBA winners are announced on 26 October and KOALA on 3 November). Thanks judges and voters!

Oh, I wanted to take this chance to say that if you want to contact me, it’s best to write to me care of the publisher whose name and address is on the imprint page (back of the title page) in whichever of my books you’re reading. The publisher will send the letter on to me. Don’t forget to put your address on the letter, if you want a reply. Lately I’ve had a few really nice fan letters with no addresses, so I haven’t been able to write back.